DYK3 – Power in the Word of God

DYK3 – Power in the Word of God

The most amazing thing about the Bible it’s the fact that it’s the word of God. Therefore the Bible is more than just the text, it’s a living word. God is able to communicate with you through His word. The Bible points you to the One who is able to help you in a time of need and the Only One, the Son of God Jesus Christ who has promised eternal life for you and me. Join in and listen to this podcast featuring Fabiano and Fine Paiaaua as they share more about the power of the word of God. The following are the questions they will be attempting to answer:

How can the word of God give me Power over my addiction?

What does the Bible say about the Word of God?

There is Power in the Word of God. If you missed our very first podcast on “The Bible” you can simply click here.

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