Fabiano NiyonkuruI was chosen by the Most high to be born in this world. My country of birth was not the best at least at time of my birth. War broke out in my country while I was about two years old. There was only one choice to make -either leave this crying baby behind and run for my life or take this baby with me and risk my life. My mum chose to take me with her -she risked her life. Crossed Lake Tanganyika to Congo, Congo to Tanzania. I became a refugee and experienced what some people have not yet experienced. This was not my final destination -the enemy of souls came after us. We were taken out of that refugee camp and brought to Australia to find refuge. Now, you would think going through such traumatic upbringing would lead me away from Christ. Not really, in fact, my experiences led me closer to God, for I depended on Him to survive and every new day was a blessing. When I turned 13 years of old I’ve become an uncontrollable child, by the age of 18 I had left the church and my life was that of clubbing, making worldly music and living “the life” I thought at the time. Since I was living in a country where freedom was found, and every teenager did whatever they wished. I followed bad influences and made unthinkable decisions which led me far from God.

God had brought me into this world for a different purpose through. The more I ran far from Him, the more I began to realise how dark my life began to be, and how empty I was becoming in my heart. I remember this day, so clearly, in the middle of my door, I was about to leave my house but then the internal struggle, the conflict became real. Fine, I gave up and said I will go and check out the new African church (where my family attends). From that day -there was no return. God led me slowly into His hands. Until I found myself back in the church. Somehow God brought me to a point where I looked at my life and everything in my life was darkness. The only light I could see, and the only life I longed for, was that which God was promising. A life full of meaning and purpose. Today He has called me to be His witness -and so here I am.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16 NKJV

Him I will preach, warning every man and woman, teaching in all wisdom and leading perishing souls to Jesus because He saved me

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