August 26, 2016

Where is God when I am suffering?

Where is God when I am suffering?

Shared by Fine Paiaaua

Have you ever wondered why you go through hardship and never hear that small voice that everyone talks about all the time? You might have wondered whether God was there or not. I’m sure you might have asked yourself the question, “is God in charge of everything, and if so why do good people suffer?”

There was an individual, a wealthy man, not Bill Gates, nor Steve Jobs. He had more than he needed. His name was Job. He lost everything within one day. Literally in one day and on top of that, he lost his health also. Now, I can boldly say that there has never been another man or a woman who has gone through so much suffering as Job did. Let us look into this man’s story together.

Cont. with Sermon….

“I know my redeemer lives.”Job 19:25.

Some of us are like Job; we’ve gone through a lot in life but are still standing firm in our faith. Even though God didn’t answer the question but instead asked, even more, questions. What God show us is that He understanding is beyond ours. Our finite mind cannot even begin to comprehend… or grasp the wisdom of God.

One thing that we learn out of this story is that God has a plan. God knows what’s happening. He will never leave us nor forsake us.